All billing for Kristin Carpenter Creatives is done at the first of the month.  We usually try to hold off billing until your web site is launched. Payments are due within 30 days of your invoice date.

completion date

To complete a web site project in a timely manner, Kristin Carpenter Creatives and the client must work together. Ideally, we would like for the client to supply us with complete text and graphic content within 15 days of the start of the project.

unused design layout mock-ups

All mock-up web site layouts that are not used by the client will be owned by Kristin Carpenter Creatives and may be used for future projects for different clients.

cross browser compatibility

Every web site we do is thoroughly tested across all major browsers.  We test web sites on current versions of browsers and one version older.  If you are running a version of browser software that is more than two versions old, you will need to update your software to view the web site correctly.